The journey of my family's struggle with a Brain Tumor. Cancer Sucks but the days continue so we must continue on as well... with a fight!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What a weekend...

Let me first start by saying that we are all good and dandy now (well, so to speak.)

I can really say that we had a really rough patch last week. When we got home on Thursday, I felt like the walls were crashing in on me/us. I was a complete crying mess and pretty much continued that way until Sunday night. I called myself 'sensitive' to my friends and the thought of all this cancer 'stuff' was going to be my demise! At one point, I thought I might need to go see someone...

So you ask why (if you really had to ask) well... here's the list of crying reasons:
  • The overall uncertainty of 'life' at the Bloomfields
  • How can I take care of another person while working (ask for help from others!)
  • Starting the process of selling Todd's car because you don't need a car for someone that is not driving
  • The installation of PERMANENT safety bars in our bathroom
  • The modification of our downstairs to make it walker compatible and the modification of our bedroom to make the bed easier to get in and out of
  • Having to physically help him get in and out of the shower/tub even with proper aids
  • Managing my time better so that I can get to work on time but also know I've left him with breakfast and lunch which are all easily accessible
  • Biggest crying fit of all...I had to help him shave when he didn't want to use his electric razor

So, that's what transpired over the weekend. I went back to work yesterday (Monday) and now I feel like I can tackle the world on again! The weekends are to be about relaxing and rejuvenating, I think ours was a bit backwards. :) I DID manage to sneak out of the house for a few hours to go scrapbooking with the 'girls'... Todd's parents came by for a few hours and Ty was home when no one else was there. I did worry about him while I was out however I needed to get away for a few hours before someone found me in the middle of the interstate playing frogger (yes, being dramatic.)

So this weeks focus... Getting a Power of Attorney taken care of (I thought I already had this done but it wasn't), getting all his appts lined up this week and transportation (this is his 'busy' week) and now I am going back and forth with BCBS because they denied his hospital stay since it stated 'all services could have adequately been preformed on an outpatient basis.' Apparently Dr. Avery appealed this on Wednesday and was told it was taken care of... who knows... I have a call in to Dr. Avery's office and I'm in the process of getting all of the medical records sent to BCBS. If it's denied then Tennova (hospital) can be added to the payment plan that's already in place. What more can I do? The medical bills will get paid when they get paid :)

So enough about me and my dramatic weekend... Todd...

He started his new chemo on Friday... it is oral so that is super nice. Speech Therapy came by yesterday for their initial evaluation. She gave him some things to work on. I haven't heard back from OT or PT but I'm sure we will hear from them soon... He's moving slowing on his walker. He's riding a recumbent bike 1x per day to help with leg strength. His mouth sores are pretty much gone so that helps with dietary restraints. He's doing better on his falling however he still stumbles very easily. I think his speech might be a very smidge better depending on the time of the day (early better) and he says he still can barely see. Umm, blood sugar levels are doing better, not fabulous but better. I think that's the scoop...

We've had a TREMENDOUS amount of gifts come this week and I can't even keep up. Please know that they are so appreciated. I'm not good at Thank You cards however I've tried to email or call everyone. In addition... we've had so many people want to bring by food and bring by food. CURRENTLY... we are good on food so hang tight if you were thinking of bringing some. I'm still working on the last batch thats in the freezer. :)

I have also decided that it makes my life easier if I ask for help so.. if you have that crazy special skill, lol.. know you will be used. I'm using all my friend 'resources' to get things done. Thanks to you all as well...

We are STILL patiently waiting on the call from Duke. I know it's not going to be any new info so my hopes aren't up although I am still very interested in what she has to say. HOPING to hear something very soon!!!

That's all for now. Like I said... LOL.. I'm am back to being completely mentally stable so no need to worry. According to our counselor here at work, crying is completely normal so... I must be normal. :)

Please keep Todd's mom in your prayers.. her tumor levels have fallen a bit and keep my brain tumor friend Sheri and her family in your prayers. She keeps me half level headed each day and we share our stories... Amy keeps me fully level headed!

Shew.. a little long winded. Will update when I know more!

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