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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pretty Miserable past few days :(

The title sums it all up... Todd has had a pretty miserable past few days. I feel so helpless to him. There is nothing I can do. :(

Thursday we met with his Primary Care Physician, Nurse Practitioner about diabetes training. Yes, something else to worry about! She put him on a sliding scale of insulin. For those of you who don't know what that means, I will tell ya. He is to prick his finger before every meal and depending on what his blood sugar is will depend on how much insulin he gives himself. He has a nifty pen type thing that has insulin in it and he has a scale that tells him how many units to inject depending on his blood sugar number. It's really interesting... We will follow up with the NP on Monday to make sure the levels are doing better and then from there we will go back in 2 weeks. Levels so far have been better. They are more in the 200's vs 400's... baby steps, baby steps! She said it could take approx. 1 week for him to feel better as the levels come back to 'normal.'

Friday, Saturday and Sunday have been HORRIFIC bouts of diarrhea. Again, not just your run of the mill, my belly aches diarrhea, but the most horrific belly girgling, rumbling, sit on the toilet for a nice long time! It started on Friday night and went on for a good portion of the night=no sleep for anyone. He had a few episodes early Saturday morning but was good most of the afternoon. As soon as 4pm hit, he was back at it again and again and again.. This went on until appox. 3am. He said he didn't fall asleep until close to 4am! He woke up good on Sunday am and I thought he was out of the woods HOWEVER tonight at about 5:30, it reared its ugly head again! Let's see how long this lasts tonight... Yes, he has prescription diarrhea medicine and it's not helping!

I will call in the morning to see if anything can be done for him. We've been trying so hard to keep him hydrated but with all the diarrhea, it's getting tough! He says he feels really bad. I think he ventured out of bed long enough to eat dinner. He's been off and on sleeping all day. Needless to say, it's been a low keyed weekend.

Monday will start a new week and a new round of Dr visits. Thursday is blood work and Friday is infusions.

I will post more when I know more... Ty finally goes back to school tomorrow so it will be awfully quiet in the Bloomfield house!

Thanks all!!!

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Melissa said...

Love and praying for you all. I wished he didn't have the diabetes to deal with on top of everything else....please let me know if we can help in any way