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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Just a post...

Thought I would swing in to just say hello and not give any Ho-hum news...

The week has been relativity quiet compared to last week. Like normal the MASSIVE diarrhea reared its ugly head yesterday (Tuesday.) No surprise, Todd was prepared for it and dealt with it like a champ. He said he didn't feel great yesterday however WHO WOULD when you have to run to the toilet every few hours, LOL!!!

Ya know... Todd has dealt with all of this like a champ. I know I don't tell him but he is a CHAMP to us! He has been dealt a crappy hand and he continues to truck along. He never complains about feeling so crappy, he just goes on his way! The girls at the center always love on him and I saw first hand why. He's so nice and cooperative with them.. sometimes being stabbed 10 times because they can't find a vein. He just says 'I'm good, doesn't hurt, do what you have to do." Where the little old grouchy lady next to him is acting like a pain in the rump! Anywho.. my shout out to my dear ole hubby who Tyler and I love. We will take him gimpy and buddha (he calls himself this because of his bloated belly and shaved head) all day long!

I had to chuckle a bit tonight because Todd really wanted hamburgers this week. He can't do the buns (carbs=sugars) so we opted for lettuce wraps-ish... I made mine all pretty and we had the following conversation:

Kim: Look how good this looks
Todd: I can't see it.
(Ponder for a sec)
Kim: What??
Todd: Haven't really been able to see while I was cooking
Kim: All in my head... seriously, you've cooked and you can't see. :)

All and all we had dinner which tasted really good and he didn't give up because of his limitations, just glad he wasn't trying to drive! :)

Tomorrow we go meet with the Diabetic specialist to 'learn' about high blood sugar. Should be interesting. 'They' are going to decide if the pill will do the trick or if he needs to go on a sliding scale of insulin. I have no knowledge of diabetes/insulin so this appointment should be very informative.

I've had many neighbors chime about wanting to be put on our Emergency On Call list. I think over the weekend I will post all the numbers on the fridge for the 'just in case' we happen to have an emergency. I know Todd is a hermit and feels comfortable with only a few but you never know when those few aren't around. Thanks to everyone who has offered!!!

Thats it... half way short and sweet!!! I will give a brief update after our appointment tomorrow.

Love and Hugs,

The Clan!


Eri said...

Kim and Clan, thanks for the updates. I am dealing with some of the same things you are but in a different way. All I have to say is if It weren'tfor Doug I could not have made it through. Kim, my hat goes off to you, I realize that you, Todd, and Tyler are a team, but it must be hard when the Leader is sick. I am proud of you and your family, Kim. Stay strong, it's hard sometimes. We are trying to stay strong with mom's health too. Take time for yourself. If you don't you will break too. I experienced that lately. I was hospitalized right b4 Christmas for a week with a Uti that poisned my body and then was out of work for 3 weeks. Anyhow stay strong, but take care of you first,so you can care for the rest.