The journey of my family's struggle with a Brain Tumor. Cancer Sucks but the days continue so we must continue on as well... with a fight!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Still waiting...

Well, we are still waiting... surgery was scheduled for 4 and it is now 4:40. I guess we really have no place to go, I just know he is tired of waiting.

They came and put the halo on at about 12. The Dr who did it asked me to stay in the room... I knew I wasn't up for that type of thing but I did it anyways, LOL. Big mistake. Todd did wonderful. I could tell he was in a bit of pain as he said he was. Once I heard him tell of the pain AND I saw the blood, I got hot, sick to stomach and started to have a panic attack. Whoops, who is the patient now?!?! I went out of the room, got some water and waited outside. Dr. asked me to come back in (he was a funny man so I think he was just trying to lighten me up) and I did... saw the blood and bam.... i thought I was going to pass out cold. Left the room as fast as I could and darted for the exit. I got lost because I went the wrong way... Poor nurse had to help me find my way to fresh air before I dropped over. Funny now... wasn't then!

We've napped this afternoon... Todd was out cold. It's starting to get dark and this day has gone on forever... I'm hoping that the surgery will start soon!

I did take a few pics of the halo which I will post later. I will update as soon as I know something.

Lots of Love!