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Friday, January 2, 2009

End of Year Update

Hi all!!! Happy New Year and I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! I am so excited to tell you that life is very different than the first post I did last year at about this time! I will do a general update on all of us like I did in the last post.

Todd-He *seems* to be doing just fine. Life is like it was pre-tumor time. The only difference is he still has some facial weakness-he says he can tell by looking in the mirror but the average person would not be able to tell. I have prayed and prayed for this day to say he is doing better and I can honestly say he is doing GREAT! We go back to the Florida Proton Center for his FINAL scan/check-up on Jan 16th. I will update on those results when we know them. I am a little scared to hear the results just because I do not want to hear that the tumor has not shrunk but on the optimist side I would love to hear the words "NO TUMOR FOUND". LOL.

Kim-I have just had 2 weeks off work-paid-for the holidays. I can honestly say that I love this job. I am doing Enrollment at Tusculum College. I love the women that I work with! I find my self getting a little ADD on somedays but the girls tell me to calm down. I just want to make sure that I do it right and get it all done. Other than my self induced stress, this job is great! Who knew working M-F could be so wonderful. Tyler told me that he loves being home on the weekends and not being shuffled from one house to another. Also, I really enjoyed this holiday season! There was no stress of the mall or the long working hours. I made sure I was extra nice to the retail workers because I was once in their shoes.

My goals for the New Year are working on organization, the entire family eating healthy, finding a church that we can go to as a family and help others the best I can. I say helping others because we as a whole are all about ME ME and ME.

Tyler-Nothing has changed with Tyler except losing a few teeth. I *think* he has grown a few more inches. On my last post, he was hoping to get to 48". Well....he DID!!! Yeah, he is the only 8.5 yr old that is the size of a 6 yr old....but I will keep my baby as little for as long as I can. He has turned in to a little boy over night, he is now a full blown KID. He can move around the computer better than me! He listens to music like Bon Jovi-Living on a Prayer and Guns N Roses-Sweet Child o Mine. I think to myself "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" He is a GREAT kid and I was very fortunate to have him this year. I think he grew up a lot as he had to hear and talk about brain tumors, radiation and how/why people get sick. This kid knows more about Cancer than the average adult.

Enough Enough Enough about us. I was very fortunate to make new friends this year. My friend Christa Masters-hubby had treatment at Proton Center as well-and I chat frequently. We keep up on Facebook. One day we will meet each other face to face. In addition to new friends, I have found old old friends thru Facebook. What a great way to find people. I just love talking to friends from middle to high school. Lastly, I have learned to cherish the friendships that I developed over this year. I have a HANDFUL of people that I can rely on thru thick and thin-I learned who my "true" friends were this year!!!

I am going to try and post some pics of the family for those of you who do not get to see us very often. I am a little rusty on posting pics so please hang tight with me.

Tyler's first day of 3rd Grade

Us at the a Tennessee football game. Even though they had a very bad season, we still enjoy going to the games.

The Pumpkin Patch with our friends, Nathan and Lauren. This family has been very helpful over the year! Notice SHORTS the last week of OCTOBER

Fall pictures, I had to bribe Tyler to cooperate.

Another family that has been so helpful to us this year-Steve, Christy and Heather. They are our "Florida" buddies. Christy and I took the kids to Sea World.

Saw my Cousin Dianne for the first time in 20 years or so. We met in Epcot for a few hours. It was GREAT seeing her, hope it is not another 20 years-Yikes, I would be 55!!!

Not So Scary Halloween at Magic Kingdom. The kids were sooo cute

OK Yes, he does look like the grim reaper. I did not realize that when we bought it. I got him to wear a disney, kidsy costume for Disney World and he got to choose a big kid costume. YIKES now that I look back...LOL

Thanksgiving Day

At my dads, did not realize he would let him use a axe...NICE, all was well and there were lots of cute pictures.

My new work buddies-Two of the ladies were graduating and we went to the ceremony

Told you that the kid lost a lot of teeth in the past 6 months. Another one this week.

Happy New Year

I hope I did not bore anyone, I just wanted the extended family to see the last few months. Take care EVERYONE and thanks for the LOVE and SUPPORT.


Amanda said...

Amazing! I am so happy for you and your family :)